Eternity is Real!

Welcome to Eternity is not just a long time it is forever. We should therefore take time to see if it is for real and find out if there is anything we can do now to prepare ourselves for eternity.

If someone who loves you greatly offers you a special gift that you really need, would you not be foolish to ignore such an offer? God loves you so very much and is offering you the gift of eternal life if you really want it. It is completely free, all that is needed is for you to want the gift and to reach out and receive it.

Take a few minutes now and seek the answers to these important questions. Five minutes now may result in an eternal life in God’s beautiful and perfect kingdom.


Eternity is Real Magazine First Edition

Eternity is Real Magazine
First Edition

What profit is there if a person gains the world and misses out on eternity?


Is there a God? And can I live forever?

Is there a God?
And can I live forever?

IF THERE IS NO GOD - Big deal, when we die that is the end.
IF THERE IS A GOD - Big reward. You can have God’s free gift of eternal life now and forever and ever and ever!


Blessing Booklet English Version

Blessing Booklet
(English Version)

The Blessing booklets are beautifully illustrated in brilliant colour in English, Chinese Simplified and Traditional scripts. The origins of Chinese characters are directly linked with Scripture and the connection between Chinese history and Philosophers with the Bible are explored, then a Gospel bridge illustration is presented.


Blessing Booklet 简体字 Chinese Simplified Version

Blessing Booklet 简体字
(Chinese Simplified Version)

“ 福 ” 小 册 子 使 用 英 文 、简 体 字 、繁 体 字 ,精 美 构 图 ,颜 色 明 快。汉 字 的 起 源 直 接 与 圣 经 的 经 文 相 联 系 ,中 国 历 史 和 哲 学 家 与 圣 经 的 关 联 也 被 挖 掘 ,之 后 还 运 用 了 一 副 福 音 桥 梁 的 图 画。


Blessing Booklet 繁体字 Chinese Traditional Version

Blessing Booklet 繁体字
(Chinese Traditional Version)

“ 福 ” 小 冊 子 構 圖 精 美 , 色 彩 鮮 明 , 有 英 文 版 、簡 體 字 版 和 繁 體 字 版。漢 字 的 起 源 直 接 與 聖 經 經 文 相 連 接 ,同 時 也 探 索 了 中 國 歷 史 和 哲 學 家 與 聖 經 的 關 聯 ,之 後 呈 現 出 福 音 橋 的 插 圖。


Blessing Booklet Spanish Version

Blessing Booklet
(Spanish Version)

Los hechos más antiguos de la historia de la humanidad han sido registrados en el idioma chino en forma de dibujos ideográficos.


There is a God who loves YOU

There is a God who loves YOU

There is a God who loves YOU. Take a few minutes to find out how much. Five minutes now and you could enjoy living forever.



The Jesus of History

The Jesus of History

Who do you think he is?

Bible Bookcase

Bible Bookcase

Books of the Bible divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament and categorised according to topics or authors to help get a clear picture of the arrangement of the Bible in a quick and easy colourful display.


Bible Bookcase in Simplified Chinese

圣 经 书 柜 (Bible Bookcase in Simplified Chinese)

圣 经 书 籍 分 为 旧 约 和 新 约 ,并 根 据 主 题 或 作 者 进 行 分 类 ,以 帮 助 您 了 解 圣 经 的 完 整 安 排 ,并 以 全 彩 显 示 快 速 简 便 的 显 示。


Christmas Advent Daily Devotional

Christmas Advent Daily Devotional

This Advent Devotional has 25 daily devotionals to prepare your heart, mind and soul despite all the hustle and bustle, so that you can truly enter in and celebrate the Christ child’s birth.


Christmas Advent Daily Devotional in Chinese Simplified

圣 诞 来 临 前 每 天 的 深 思 (Christmas Advent Daily Devotional in Chinese Simplified)

这 个 “ 圣 诞 节 来 临 前 每 日 的 深 思 ” 有 25 个 每 日 读 经 来 预 备 你 的 心 、意 、灵 ,尽 管 忙 忙 碌 碌 ,你 仍 可 以 真 正 地 进 入 到 里 面 来 庆 祝 耶 稣 基 督 的 诞 生。


Would you like to live forever?

Would you like to live forever?

A simple pocket size presentation taken from John 3:16.


Life’s most important questions

Life’s most important questions

This well illustrated A5 booklet addresses life's most important questions.


How can I know God?

How can I know God?

A very clear presentation of the gospel and the purpose of life.